Variations on a Theme of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"

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Stick around guitar lovers.

The pyrotechnics start up at 3'30". But guitar pyrotechnics aren't everything. And in this constantly surprising performance video, Thatcher Harrison takes John Lennon's song for Yoko to places that neither John nor Yoko could have anticipated.

Two guitars, a wah pedal, and a gifted guitar play - they all come together here. Enjoy Thatcher's first-ever performance of his "Variations on a Theme of 'I Want You / She's So Heavy.'"

It all took place on 17 October 2015 at Harrifest - a concert benefit for cancer-related charities.

A special thanks to Rachel and Wayne Cabral, the Harrifest organizers. In its 12th year, Harrifest is their dreamchild. And thanks to their vision and hard work, Harrifest has donated over $30,000 to the American Cancer Society and Hospice.