“I Will” (Paul McCartney)

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Singer Kenny Rankin had a gift for transforming popular songs into jazzy standards.

The years have passed, and Thatcher Harrison has started to work in the same fashion and with the same delightful results.

Trailing clouds of Rankin glory, Thatcher reworks Paul McCartney's "I Will," until "I Will" sounds like a vehicle for singers like Mel Tormé and guitarists like Joe Pass.

Enduring thanks to Kenny Rankin for his excellent work and his continuing influence.


About this video: Thatcher performed his version of "I Will" at Harrifest 2017 -- an annual tribute concert for George Harrison. 

Each year, the net proceeds from Harrifest are donated to the Southcoast Visiting Nurse Association -- a provider of hospice care.

Special thanks to Rachel and Wayne Cabral for organizing Harrifest 2017 and for supporting hospice care on the Southcoast.