I'll Share My Rice with You (Thatcher Harrison)

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Q: What should you say when you fell in love at a Chinese Restaurant?

A: I’ll Share My Rice with You.


If that was just too easy, here’s something easier and more enjoyable. Have a listen to “I’ll Share My Rice with You” – Thatcher’s original composition for fingerstyle guitar and voice.

In this video, Thatcher brings together advanced fingerstyle techniques, pop lyrics, and folk-rock vocals. The singer-songwriter genre takes off in a new direction….

And you get to enjoy the fusion.  


Trivia: The first line – “We meet at Yings” – refers to an actual Chinese restaurant that Thatcher has eaten at forever.

If you ever find yourself in Dartmouth, MA, you, too, can live the song and meet at Yings: http://yingsdynasty.com/.