2021 Boston Guitarfest Concert

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As part of the prize for winning the 2020 Boston Guitarfest Competition, I was invited to perform the opening concert for the 2021 Boston Guitarfest.

This concert, originally broadcast on the Boston Guitarfest YouTube channel on June 16, 2021, consisted of me performing three of my own compositions for solo guitar: "Echoes," "Child's Play," and "Song for a Lost Love."

In the original Boston Guitarfest opening concert release, I was fortunate enough to share this concert with Will Riley, Lautaro Mantilla, and Zaira Meneses. However, this video only consists of my performance.

Thank you to the organizers of Boston Guitarfest, Eliot Fisk and Zaira Meneses, for allowing me to perform a concert at the festival, and thank you to all of you who watch this video. I hope that you enjoy it!


Echoes Thatcher Harrison (b. 2001)

I. Preludio a la Roux

II. A Candlelight Night

III. Grand Central Adventure

IV. Echo to a Prelude

Child's Play Harrison

Song for a Lost Love Harrison

This is how the video progresses from a time standpoint:

0:00: Opening Remarks and Introduction to “Echoes”

2:24: “Echoes”

13:37: Introduction to “Child’s Play”

15:24: “Child’s Play”

20:47: Acknowledgments and Introduction to “Song for a Lost Love”

23:45: “Song for a Lost Love”