First Time Ever - Solo Jazz Guitar - Enjoy “Have You Met Miss Jones”

Thatcher Harrison Newsletter
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All the while, he kept playing “Have You Met Miss Jones” <>.

Even as he played, Thatcher and I spoke about new things he might do just for fun.

Fingerstyle. Done that.

Classical … Jazz Ensemble … Two guitars. Done those.

And then it occurred to him. Just take the stage and do what he’s done forever but never performed: One guitar. Solo jazz. Straight improvisation.

That’s what he did last Tuesday night at Sandywoods Center for the Arts.

Up on stage. First time ever. On the fly. Thatcher took an improvisational pass through the Rodgers and Hart standard "Have You Met Miss Jones" <>.

Just wonderful.

I thought you might like to have a look and a listen.

One more time, just for you: "Have You Met Miss Jones" <>.